[#21884] Rivaldo Exclusive: Mbappé looks an impossible target for Barcelona

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Rivaldo Exclusive: Mbappé looks an impossible target for Barcelona

Betfair Ambassador Rivaldo says he'd love to see Mbappe playing for Barca, reckons the postponement of El Clasico will benefit Madrid and hails Emile Heskey as a great opponent… You can refer to the free soccer daily tip page!

Kylian Mbappé has come back from injury in great style for PSG, scoring a hat-trick away lớn Brugge in the Champions League on Tuesday and proving why he is one of the most wanted players in the planet - he became the youngest player of all time lớn reach 15 goals in Champions League.

But I think it would be tough for Barcelona lớn sign him in the future, as he is very expensive due to his young age, world champion status and natural ability that makes him one of the biggest prospects in the world of football.

If Barca had so many problems in trying to sign Neymar, just imagine how much PSG would be ask for the Frenchman, so it's almost impossible lớn bring this excellent player to Catalonia at the moment- According to the soccer tip forum page!

There's no doubt Mbappé has the qualities lớn become one of the best in the world, as he is playing great football and has huge potential. He would be able lớn develop his talent by playing La Liga or the Premier League. Ligue 1 is clearly below the competitive level of Spain or England.

With all due respect lớn PSG, I believe he must leave for a Spanish or big English team in the future to confirm himself as the heir to Messi or Ronaldo. The best players need to play in the best leagues.

Barcelona harmed by 'El Clasico' postponement

Even without being in top form yet, Barcelona are winning a lot of matches now and gaining momentum. By contrast, Real Madrid is still too irregular on their games and recently lost lớn Mallorca to let Barca take the reins at La Liga.

So, this would have been a good moment for Barca lớn play Real Madrid. At Camp Nou, the hosts could have forged a four-point lead over their La Liga title rivals.

With the postponement of El Clasico, Madrid will count themselves a bit lucky because they will have time to keep improving before they face Barcelona in the derby in two months.

MSG might have success, but won't reach MSN level

Barca's new attacking trio, of Messi, Luis Suárez and Antoine Griezmann (MSG), is giving some good signs and showing it can work in the future, but I don't believe it will reach Messi, Suarez, Neymar (MSN) level.

Neymar is a distinctive player who creates a lot of assists, scores many goals and takes control of the game when needed thanks to his personality. That's something Griezmann doesn't have yet, and even though he has scored goals already, he hasn't fully adapted lớn his new team's style of play. It could be a while before we see him playing at the same level as we saw for many years at Atletico Madrid.

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